Friday, April 1, 2011

Save 20 Percent at Hasbro Toy Shop

Spring is in the air, and so are tax returns.

I don't know when this promo started but, since I got paid today I decided to check Hasbro Toy Shop. And wouldn't you know it they had a promo code.


Just enter that when you are about to check out and watch the savings happen.

To see how much I would save I entered a wave of 12 figures. The wave is $94.99. But with the code it all comes out to $92.49. That includes the shipping and the tax.

I tried with Galactus. And from the original price of 49.99, it all came out to $56.53. Not so much savings but at least it covers the tax and the shipping.

If you do use this be aware that it's not supposed to work on all products. And I recommend getting something that won't show up in stores soon, or is exclusive to the shop.
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