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Toy Topic: De Nerdifying Yourself

Disclaimer: This post is not in any way meant to be malicious. I just want to help my fellow toy collectors understand more about what I believe they should do to be ,more attractive to the fairer sex.

You love toys .That's awesome. You also like the opposite sex! Also awesome. You're a toy nerd. Not so awesome.

No matter how you think about it the words "nerd/geek" have a negative connotation. Just like fat girls saying they are "thick" most people try to turn a bad thing into a good thing. It doesn't change the fact that being over weight is a bad thing.

Now most nerds will try to say something like "Football fans are just as passionate as Trekkies! So they're kinda nerds too!"

Wrongo, Football is something manly, while Star Trek, not so manly, it's more cerebral. So the football guys can get away with it..sometimes.

I recently saw the movie "Revenge of the Nerds" in preparation of this post. Because the way they were portrayed in the past is very different to something like "The Big Bang Theory" which I've never seen but I heard it's supposed to be about nerds. So I wanted to see nerds in the beginning stages.

This movie was horrible, the sides of good and evil were well defined. But the nerds being the "good guys" did some pretty off the wall stuff that would not fly in real life.

The nerd party was pretty realistic, they were bad at conversation shy and awkward.

But doing the panty raid was pretty creepy. Yes I know panty raids do happen in real life. But then installing a camera to spy on the girls, and then selling a picture of the main bad guys girl later. Not cool.

The also cheated to win when the fraternities were doing the competitions, that's not noble. That's shifty.

The final nail in the coffin was when the main nerd had a moment with the main bad guys girl. Posing as someone else just to be close to a girl is creepy and I would dare say illegal.

So that movie didn't even put nerds in a great light for me. The jocks were still jerks, but I think that the only time they did something wrong was at the end. Can you say "destruction of property?" But throughout the movie they did everything by the book. So I don't know how they were the bad guys. I think I'm getting pretty deep into this , so I leave the analysis of the movie and real life to you, the reader.

I can say that I have an avid love for action figures. Am I proud of that? No.

What I do is for my enjoyment, and I know other people do the same. Do I proudly display my collection? No. Until I lived in the room I'm at now, I never put up any posters. I have done so before, when I lived in Santo Domingo and the basement in Astoria.

I do show my stuff off to anyone that's interested. But to the rest of the world I'm just an average guy.

Why is being a nerd/geek a bad thing?

If you're single I think it's worse.

Last year when I was doing my Nerf reviews, one of my female co-workers asked me why I bought those things. And I said because there fun. But I also used Youtube and my partnership as an excuse.

When I was dating, It was incredible tough to explain to a girl I just met that I bought action figures. I would say I like to collect things. And buy action figures to sell on Ebay

Some girls understand why we buy things. I compare it to shoes. And there are some female toy reviewers on Youtube.
Prime92, Reallistikkvideos and Yummypixels to name a few. Girls can be nerdy too but girls like this are hard to come by in real life.

But most girls would see it as something childish, and unnecessary. Unless the girl you're with already knows about this and still loves you for it. But usually you're good looking. LOL

At work I don't rant and rave about the new marvel universe figure or how I'm excited to see that we will be getting a Sentinel. I keep that stuff to myself. Because the one action figure collector/gundam model builder doesn't work with me anymore.

I think the only way to parlay collecting action figures as a good thing is to make money off of it. In the examples I gave before hand both were linked to making money. If you're not making money, girls will see it as a waste of money.

Another one of my co-workers saw a video reviewer with a ton of toys on a shelf behind him, and she called it "The wall of $#!t." and I laughed my ass off.

I have my own wall but I can't bear to see my things on display for too long. I'm afraid they will fall and break. So I pack them up when I'm done looking at them.

I also use my shelf to remind me of what toys I will be reviewing.

Nerds/geeks also dress for comfort. When I learned that I could spot it in every backpack wearing toy collector that showed up at stores with me. So I got rid of my back pack because my co-workers were clowning me about it, and my baseball caps.

Not the momma!
Nerd humor is also bad. Mine is mostly referential. (like the Dinosaurs joke above)But while I do get a few good jokes. Most of them are corny. My mind is like an episode of Family Guy. And so is Seth Mcfarlane's. You don't know the amount of times I've upset girls when joking about taboo topics like weight and age. Not a good look. I realized that age is something that a person can't change (I wish I were 27 again), and weight is something that takes a tough time losing (taking time out for the gym or even remembering to go).

So if you're a nerd and you're having trouble with the ladies, I will tell you the 2 things that I learned.

Make yourself attractive looking. Fix your face ( I grew a goatee,and I keep it trimmed), then fix your wardrobe. Change what you can. If your balding, shave it off. If you're short deal with it. As a nerd all I cared about was buying the latest action figure, while at the same time I viewed clothing as a necessity. So I dressed like a nerd.

    Polo Shirts=Nerd. As fanboys (there's another term) we like calling the girls from movies and TV "hot" and set our expectations to having a girlfriend who's "hot". While at the same time we are not. So if these women make themselves beautiful to attract your attention why don't we do the same? 
     Talk about them: People love to talk about themselves. Just look at this blog. But when you go out on a date show a real interest in the things a girl mentions. Keep it light keep it funny, no negatives, no put downs. Don't interrogate them though. And remember it's a conversation not a monologue. Just look at the way you converse with your co-workers or fellow students. And believe me if she's interested you'll know because she'll keep talking to you. If a homeless person approached you, the natural instinct is to ignore them. It's cruel but it's true. Why do you ignore them. You know what they want and you don't want to give it to them. If you do, then you talk. Simple as that. Girl likes you she'll talk, or she'll be friendly.

    One mistake that I made early in my life, because my family re-enforced this belief on me, was that I would find the perfect girl. I just had to wait. I did.
    I waited...
    and waited..

    I didn't do the work so I didn't meet any girls, and when I did they were taken. So I took to Internet dating, where I knew that girls were single. And I started going on dates. I did the work.

    Another thing was that I wanted girls to like me for me. Which was absurd seeing that who I was wasn't attracting any girls. So I decided to be less nerdier and more normal.

    I know some people might say "I'm not gonna change who I am!" Well then enjoy being a single nerd. Whatever works for you. But when you have a realization that you're 40 and you're not getting any younger. You won't be happy.

    That's like if your future self came back to tell you that you would end up being the eternal bachelor, and you never had a girl. Or that you never did all those things you had high hopes of doing when you were 20.

    In conclusion, you can be smart but you don't have to be socially awkward..

    ...but if you do spend money on nerdy things, it has to have a benefit.

    There is nothing wrong with being a nerd, but if you realized that your nerdyness is giving you problems in life then you have to de nerdify. If you're Bill Gates you have the money and the girl, you can be what ever you want to be.

    I just don't want any of my readers to go down the dark path of becoming women haters and then doing something stupid, violent or illegal.

    And I know that not all nerds have trouble with women, and not all nerds are virgins. But I want to help the guys who can't get a girl. Which I will cover in another post.
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