Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cyclops and Dark Phoenix: Greatest Battles Comic Pack Review

Jean has a bigger forehead in this package.

Fellow Blogger Iok already reviewed this item. I'm gonna have to disagree with him about the look this Cyclops has. I like it.

Ever since playing X-Men: Children of the Atom I have liked Cyclops. His Jim Lee costume is nice but odd. I always wondered how those straps on his torso work. I understand suspenders. But a suspender that is not.

I will cross that bridge when I get there. In the mean while lets take a look at this comic pack.

The Adjustment Bureau, run!
Why Did I Buy This Pack?:  Face it buddy I'm gonna buy them all, just like Pokemon. I like Cyclops and Jean as characters, although Cyclops seems to be all emo when ever Jean isn't around.

I can understand the loss of a spouse/girlfriend, But he was emo in X-3, Wolverine and the X-men and now in the X-Men anime.
But I like that he's the team leader (some nerds were arguing that he was always the leader of the X-Men, but until Xavier left he was always team leader, which is different).

Jean has no other character development other than dying, or not since technically this isn't a figure of Jean, but of the Phoenix Force.

To put it bluntly I got this pack because I'm a huge X-Men fan, it's what got me into comics.

Where Did I But This?: Target $14.99. Target is the best place to get Marvel Universe figures. Most places have them for 9.99, not Tarje! $7.99! I got this back in December when I started getting into Marvel Universe.

Face Sculpt:
Cyclops: I like the big strong chin on this figure and the stern expression Slim isn't known for being a fun guy so the face says a lot about him. One of the things to look out for is the paint on the visor, it can get weird sometimes.

Dark Phoenix: I have 2 of these packs and I opened the one that had the most regular looking Phoenix. Incredibly the hairpiece on the other figure is kinda low, so she doesn't have the forehead this one has. And that's kinda curious. It makes me want to be in the factory and see how there are assembled. But Jean has a decent female face. She reminds me of Alice from the Honeymooners.

Cyclops: Cyclops has a decent amount of joints and here the peg hips work well. I like ball jointed hips. The only problem I have with peg hips is sometimes they tend to be stuck more than ball hips do.

Dark Phoenix: This is the average female body, there is nothing new in terms of articulation about this figure. If you've seen one you've seen them all. I also can't say that I would like to see an improvement in the articulation. it's got it where it counts.

Accessories: I would count the "Optic Blast" hand and the Comic book (Uncanny X-Men #136) as the accessories. LOL. These come with nothing, not even stands. I'm sure this is a cost cutting measure. If you look at guys that do come with accessories it's usually part of who they are. (Well except for Doctor Doom)

Final Verdict: Marvel Universe is an awesome line. If you are a fan of this era of the X-Men it's very easy to pick up a Sunfire, an X-Men Origins:Wolverine Colossus, Kitty Pryde, and Nightcrawler. (You can pick up Storm with the mohawk, Cyke did wear this costume when they fought for leadership of the X-Men) And you're complete.

But Hasbro already knew this already and they put most of them into a box set.

So pick it up if you're a fan.

Should You Buy This?: No. (What?! You love this line.) If you're not a completest of a fan of the Dark Phoenix, I would recommend you save your pennies for the upcoming box set. You won't get any extras there either. But at least you'll have a team.

You might ask yourself. "Didn't you say you had 2 of these?" And that's because I'm giving Jean away to my current girl. So you'll be seeing Cyclops around a lot. Since I have an extra one. he'll be doing size comparisons and all that.

Let me know what you guys think.
"Yea, I'm getting this!"
"I say thee nay! I'm not getting this!"

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