Sunday, May 1, 2011

Toy Topic: Stuff Toy Buyers do That I hate

After being semi accused of being a scalper, or whatever that was. I started to think of the things that I associate with scalpers.

And I realized it's not the fact that they get to the merchandise before me. Or that they take all the good figures. Like I said, you got to play to win. No one wants second place. Like the great Sean Connery said..

It's the messed up stuff that they do to the rest of us. I already talked about toy returns and swapping merchandise but in this post I guess I will compile it all together. "Ok here we go. Kamen Rider Agito!"

  1. Unnecessary Toy Returns: After you read the above link about toy returns I'm gonna add an addendum here. The thing that bugs me about returns is when it's done unnecessarily. I believe when you buy a product it's for keeps. Unless something happens to it. I don't like the idea that people buy something to return it when they find it for a better price. It can be done. But I don't like when people do it. Especially when you are returning a bunch of peg warmers. At least return something that will sell. Also this will mark you in a bad way with the employees. (Uh oh here comes Returny Returnerson) and eventually they will catch on to your tricks.
  2. Toy Swapping: I already talked about this. There is a link above. This is stealing plain and simple. A deranged toy collector can try to justify this as "sticking it to the man" or "it's not really stealing because nothing is missing." The fact of the matter is that any person who knows better will never buy it. Some poor sucker who doesn't will. And if it doesn't sell it will be marked as DDR (Destroyed Damaged Returned) So no one wins.
  3. Make A Mess: I can understand that on big holidays the store is a mess, between the kids and the abnormal amount of customers stuff will get messy. But when your the first guy in the store and you start making a mess of the Hot Wheels. I won't like you, and neither will the employees.
  4. Harass Employees: As a former stock boy, I understand that the purpose of the store is to sell. But if you don't see something on the pegs, and you ask me to get something and for whatever reason I tell you there aren't anymore. Don't harass me. Just like you can't force a girl who doesn't want to kiss you to kiss you. You can't make a stock boy get more stuff from the back, just because you believe he's lazy or you're at Wal*Mart. Like they say "You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." So be nice, and the next time they will gladly help you out. The customer isn't always right, the store just wants you to think you are.
  5. Overprice Regular Toys at Conventions: I've talked about this in my Toy scalper post. But the fact is as a New Yorker I can eventually find what I want for a good price. But if you are in a small town and you go to a convention chances are you will have to fork over 30 dollars for that clear Vision. Toy stores have the advantage that they can clear out a store of all their "rare" and "variant" figures. So that upsets me. The funny thing is when you see a peg warmer going for ridiculous prices. (Extremis Iron man I'm looking at you!)
  6. Hide Items in other parts of the Store: Look, if you can't buy something now don't think that hiding something in the other isle or another section is gonna keep it secure long enough for you to come back later and buy it. Every night stores get their isle fixed, and things that are out of place get put back where they belong. All you're doing is denying that child the toy you're hiding. (Or that scalper.)
  7. Take all The Variants and Chase Figures and the 1 per case figures: If you get there first you win! And I'm OK with that. But if you are looking at the bottom section of the Marvel Legends wall, don't get in my way when I go for the top. Or if we both co-operate to get the stock guy to bring more toys down, you know I want some variants or rare figures. Don't take them all and leave me with the rest.
  8. Take Toys out of a Crying Baby's Hands: I've heard horror stories about this one. It's rare to see kids in a store early with their parents. But I've seen it. Especially at the Times Square Toys R Us. Kids don't have the disposable income that we as adults have. So if you see a kid hovering around some rare figs. Wait till he leaves, so you can do your "collector thing." 
  9. Sell Items to people at the same venue after they've bought it: This would only be a convention thing and it's new to me. I haven't seen it yet because at the conventions I went to I was into Gundam at the time. And trust me when it comes to variant and rare in the Gundam community it's fairly easy. And it consists mostly of metallic versions, cleat versions and repaints.  You can read one toy review site's plight here and here. Companies have to be more organized with their exclusives. 

I'm sure we have seen or done some of these things to an extent. I've heard that tiny car collectors are the worse, or the "Hot Wheels Guys."  Due to the inexpensive nature of the cars, they're easy to collect.

"See no evil , hear no evil" I don't care what you do as a toy collector. As long as I don't know about it. I'm sure as I type this some collector is returning a peg warmer he got cheap to a store and getting the full price. But these are the things that toy buyers do that I don't like. And what comes to mind when I call someone a "scalper." Don't be that dude.
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