Thursday, July 21, 2011

SDCC, The Place To Be!

Last night I tried several times to make a preview post on my blog via my phone. But I had no luck. So here I am, all the previews spoiled. I feel like I came to a party just as it was ending.

But anyways what I wanted to say is that I'm excited for the new unknown stuff that would be shown at San Diego Comic Con. And boy o boy, did we get lots of new stuff!

Marvel Legends!

The first wave, the Terrax wave was finally revealed last night. And I feel "Meh" about it. For $24.99 I'm glad I do. So in this wave we get:

  1. Ghost Rider (Modern)
  2. Heroic Age Thor (Glad I don't need to get the exclusive!)
  3. Commander Rogers (He has a weird head.)
  4. Hope Summers (Does she have any importance as an X-Man?)
  5. Klaw, Master of Sound
  6. Extremis Iron Man (Looks like an upscale of the Marvel Universe one)
  7. Constrictor (Straight out of Marvel Universe)
Now don't get me wrong even though I'm being nitpicky doesn't mean I'm a hating troll. For the right price I would scoop all these up because I like Hasbro. And I applaud them for not letting a good concept die. But I would only be interested in Terrax, Rogers and Thor. And maybe Hope because she looks like a decent looking female.

But beyond that I'm not interested. Let's see what else we have pictures of...

Marvel Universe!

Hot Diggity Dog! Wallet eat your heart out cause we aint gonna survive 2011!

I knew we would see a lot of the 2011 stuff on display, there was the stuff from Series 3, Toy Fair, and the stuff that was spoken of but not heard of, like Adam Warlock/Thanos comic pack.

So in the single carded series we get:
  1. Beta Ray Bill! (I knew it had to happen, he was on my wishlist!)
  2. Psylocke
  3. Ages Of Thunder Thor (Take that Exclusive! Here's hoping for X-Force Archangel and Nick Fury!)
  4. Astonishing Beast! (Even though I want him to come with the Iceman as shown)
  5. Patriot
  6. Kraven? (No label)
  7. Iron Fist? (No Label)
  8. Smooth Spider-Man? (With House of M backpack)
  9. New Green Hulk? (No Label)
If you're wondering. I put (No Label) to the figures that don't have little signs near their feet. Because I don't know if they belong to X-Men First Class, Spider-Man or the Avengers Marvel Universe Line.

Also Magneto uses the Ghost Rider body. Sigh.

Next up Comic Packs!

I noticed that the Adam Warlock/Thanos and Mr Sinister/Gambit comic packs say they are available...NOW! NOW! NOW!

I spy with my little eyethe aformentiones Sinister/Gambit pack, and another one Unmasked Juggernat/Colossus! Way to cool!

So there you have it. I hope we see more stuff before then end of SDCC, but for now I'm happy with what I see.
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