Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Picked Up The New Thor Figure With Base!

I'm re-editing this post because the first time I did it, was through my phone, and some elements didn't appear.

This is basically the same Series 2 Thor, (who is also a pegwarmer) with some different paint apps. He's got black gloves and a gold line going down the center of his loincloth. The base lights up but not enough to illuminate the front of the figure.

At 20 dollars a pop, this is a no go. Just like the hall of armor I expect these to go on clearance in the future. But knowing TRU it will be a long time coming. BUY LOW!

I haven't seen any reviews on Youtube so that means the fans aren't biting. I wanted Hulk but he was sold out. Depending on the molds of the next figures this line will either thrive or die.
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