Friday, October 7, 2011

Marvel Universe Wave 15 Revision List

I love to share useful information, as long as it doesn't affect me negatively. So here is the first of my posts that share the revision information so that you're not doing what I did and call the "Bucky" or "Jean" waves.

Wave 15

When these burst onto the toy scene, we got Dr. Doom and Falcon to go along with it. Of course they warm the pegs, but I do love Dr. Doom. Too bad he doesn't come with a gun.

This case includes 12 action figures:
1x Falcon
 1x Dr. Doom
 2x Ultron
 2x Darkhawk
 2x Sub-Mariner
 2x X-23
 2x Steve Rogers

There is supposed to be a Darkhawk feathered variant but I have yet to see it. Or find a review about it. The bases have variants, like Sub-Mariner's saying "Imperius Rex" and I think Steve Rogers's says "Captain America." This wave is done. The next wave to show up is..

Wave 15 Revision 1

This case is to include the following figures:

 1x Hulk
 1x Iron Fist
 1x The Thing
 1x Electro
 1x Guardian
 1x Constrictor
 1x First Appearance Wolverine
 1x Cyclops
 1x Doctor Strange
 1x Darkhawk
 1x X-23
 1x Steve Rogers

The Darkhawk might be the feathered variant. But I'm really looking forward to getting Guardian and Electro. And blue pants Thing, if the pants are blue. This case is due in November, but I'm sure with Wave 16 showing up in Wal*Mart these will be approaching rapidly! Or they might not show up at all. And the last revision is...

Wave 15 Revision 2

This case includes:
1x Captain Marvel
 1x Doc Sampson
 1x WW Hulk
 1x Spider-Woman
 1x Cable w/ Baby
 1x Scarlet Spider-Man
 1x Ultron
 1x X-23
 1x Steve Rogers
 1x Black Spider-Man
 1x Bullseye
 1x Modern Thor

The text says that Cable will come with the baby! There goes the aftermarket value on that figure! I haven't picked up Bullseye because I don't like the character. But whenever there is a sale I tend to pick up the ones I don't have to complete the collection. I'll be good to see Spider-Woman and Captain Marvel on the shelves. It' will be almost a year since I started collecting these. And I have fond memories of Series 3 Wave 1 (Wave 12?!)

By December we should be seeing the last wave. Each series has 6 waves in the year. (My nerd brain is good with patterns!!) When I get all the info on Wave 16 I will post the revision list. I always pick 2 figures from each wave as my favorites and I'll be putting up reviews on the blog.

Good luck and keep an eye on those case ratios, so you can get the figure you want before it dissapears!

Wave 16

Want Wolverine and Iceman

Wave 17: Want Psylocke and Patriot!
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