Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Halo Reach For The Sky Partner!

Merry Christmas! Happy new Year and Feliz Reyes Magos to all of you! I'm still alive. Lolz. A new year brings a new passion for me. I call all my stuff on the internet "action figure" because I know I don't want to put myself in a corner.

I guess with all the Marvel Universe hunting that I've been doing I got burned out. I saw Series 4 wave 1 at Target and I didn't even flinch. That's not to say that I won't get these. But It's really expensive to collect all the lines I love, and even harder to review. You have to make things work though.

I usually collect 1 line at the time and buying some halo minimates for my nephew this christmas I decided to dive into HaloReach stuff.

Note That I said "Halo Reach". I'm a design guy and I really like the look of the armors in Halo Reach. At first I was gonna get a select few figures. But my guess is that when I collect all the ones that I want I'll get what I can find. But I still do believe I won't get every single figure out there and their variants.

The price point is a little more expensive for each, but I hope that "the universe" will put some sales out there for me to take advantage of. (Like the Warthog for 28.99 at TRU!)

So if you like Halo Reach your in for a fun ride! If not you can always check for my sales report. By the way when Marvel Universe is out for 2 for 12.99 I will pick up what I've missed.

Goodby Giant Friend!

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