Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Marvel Universe Price Hike! And Target Sale!

After reading this, my eyes were suddenly opened to the weird price difference between Target stores. But now they are united on one front!

I might have mentioned that there was one Target where Marvel Universe figure were 7.99 while at the other they were 9.99. For the longest I would go there to get the lowest price, I still go there to get Halo Reach stuff because they have the figures 1 dollar cheaper. But just the figures, everything else is the same price.

So just this Sunday I go into my lucky Target and LO and BEHOLD!

They were just $18.99 a week ago!

But don't fret while the single carded figures are $10.99 Target is having a sale till February 11th on Marvel Universe single figures.

$7.89 as the regular price is a lie! Go scan on for yourself!
It's sad, but in a way I guess I left the line just in time to save! I will keep my eyes out for the occasional sale. But for now I'm Halo Reach all the way baby!

Hope this helps.
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