Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New York Toy Fair 2012 Anticipation

As most of you toy lovers are aware of  next week is the New York Toy Fair, an event that is not open to the public. At that event a lot of companies reveal the new product that they have up to a certain point. The next point in the year is usually San Diego Comic Con.

Since my love for Marvel has diminished, (mostly because I burned myself out and the increase in price) my eyes gravitate this year to McFarlane Toys Halo line.

Walgreens Exclusive JFO for starters!

For once in my life I enjoy a toy property that my brother is also into.

Most of the Marvel Universe lineup has already been revealed here and here, What I expect at the toy Fair are actual photos of prototypes. And a few more announcements to top things off.

The Avengers line looks sucky. I heard that the articulation has been greatly reduced, and according to my inside source the G-Man, Loki will be short packed (I don't know if this is the 6 inch or 3.75 inch) and the toys will be release everywhere on Monday, February 27th 2012.

I know that Halo reach will start to disappear in favor of Halo 4 toys, so I expect to see the last of the Reach line which is sad because I really liked the design of the armor. But this will also ensure that I don't remain a fan way after Reach is done as a toy line. (That depends on the armor designs of Halo 4)

I'm also looking forward to the Halo Micro Ops stuff, if we get a miniature Noble Team I will be ecstatic!
I wonder if Series7 of Halo Reach will have an unhelmeted Emile and Noble 6 or a Thom for that matter. There was a Mark V [B] in his colors released early in the line but was never labeled as Thom.

Micro Ops 1

Micro Ops 2

Fans are still waiting the release of the Falcon and being an owner of the Warthog, I hope the price is in that range. ($30 dollars).

I expect more Marvel legends figures to be announced, at least another wave. And I'm sure Hasbro will have the G.I. Joe Retaliation and Transformers Prime figures out. But I'm not a big fan of those 2 lines. I can only collect 1 line at the time. maybe when my business gets of the ground and I'm a millionaire I will get into stuff like Hot Toys.

I would be surprised if Bandai tried to bring Gundam toys and model kits back to the states. Heaven knows they have tried.

Well that's it for now. Let me know what you guys are eagerly anticipating.

See ya in the toy isles!
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