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Toy Topic: How Far Are You Willing To Go To Save Money On Toys?

My female friend brought up this subject, not exactly like I put it in the title. But I never thought about it, until now.

So let me begin..

A Halo Reach TRU Exclusive is worth the 18 dollars.
Sadly figures that are exclusive to a store have to be bought at the price that the store has them. So that's a given. This here Spartan Security was 18 dollars and change, they raised the price on the figures so the exclusive Hazop will be 19 dollars and change.

A figure like Galactus has not appeared anywhere besides the Internet and Toys R Us to my knowledge (herein referred to as TRU) So if I were still holding out for it to show up at Target, would you call me insane?

Target Queens Place..
And Target..

...In Valley Stream

Lately I've been on a toy hunt for older Halo Figures and I've been doing the crazy thing of putting zip codes into Rite Aids website and then googling directions in Google Maps. This has yielded a
variety of results.
What I have of Noble Team so far, trying to avoid that $92.99 price for the box set!

  • Jorge from Series 4 is a massive peg warmer!
  • Series 4 is the prevalent series in stores, although I have found Kat and the Grunt Minor from series 2 and the Air Assault, Gunt Major and Spartan MP from Series 3 and in one rare instance I found Jun.
  • Some of the figures have the old $11.99 price tag, which I had inform the cashier of.
In one instance in Rite Aid I found an old Noble Six (which I reviewed) and I have had my sights set on finding Emile (he's the only member of Noble Team I don't have).

Out of this I created a rule: Only visit the Rite Aids once a month, because they don't get stock a lot and recently all they're getting is Series 4 (I wonder when they will get Series 5?)

Edit: Yes They have. So far I have seen the Brute Chieftain and Unhelmeted Carter.

I will admit that the thrill of exploring a new location and the possibility of finding a figure I don't have, (I need more figures from series 1 and 2) is what gets me going. If I had a car this would be more fun.

Anyway, me and the girl were in Target awaiting the Halo 3pk that the scanner said was IN STOCK and I mentioned that the Target in Valley Stream Long Island have the Halo Reach figures for $11.99, so I would rather buy my stuff from there.

New Stuff! My heart just skipped a beat!... 45.99? You got to be kidding me!

$29.99, I love you Target!

That's when she said that the extra $2.70 was worth not having to trek to Long Island, that's when my brain said "Really?" (I always thought it was about the savings?)

So today I decided to pick up the single carded Halo Reach Series 6 at Toys R Us. They're 20 dollars, but as my girl pointed out I get the convenience of getting them now instead on waiting a month or so for Target to get them.

So I realize that sometimes paying a little extra is a good thing.

I was lucky to find the Elite Zealot in Valley Stream it was TRU prices, but he's one per case.
The Hazop on the other hand is gonna be 18 dollars everywhere!

The other thing is also that I have this weird quirk where if it looks like I might pay to much I'll leave an  item...only to buy the item I left behind a few days later. I guess seeing a large amount of the receipt is scary but paying bit by bit seems like I'm not paying as much.

Also, I haven't bought anything from the Internet in a long time because of the shipping fees. But now that I see its a matter of convenience I'm gonna reconsider that. Especially since I don't have as much time as I used to.

When paying for shipping is worth more than the hassle of running around burning calories looking for old Halo figures in  Rite Aids

Last year I spend a lot of time waiting for Marvel Universe sales, and we did get a lot. And now that some Halo sales are showing up, I'm glad.

But paying full price is something a lot of us don't like to do. Just look at extreme couponers!! And the messed up stuff that "Trench" does. No wonder profits are down.

In the meantime I'm still waiting for the carded Series 6 figures to show up at Target. When I pick them up there, I'm returning them to Toys R Us to get my money back. You can't do the evil bait and switch because the items scan per assortment.

I recently went back to Valley Stream and they had no new Halo stuff. They did have a fresh assortment to Marvel Universe for $8.99 and the comic packs for $17.99! No Thanos or Mr. Sinister yet. (I put up a picture earlier in post.)

I just want to end this post off by saying, that I feel better saving money on my toys. My old security supervisor say once. "Even an old lady wants to save" But I think he was referring to the ol' 5 finger discount. LOLz

Anyways, part of what I post is to help other people save. It's crazy though, because if we had Halo figures back at $11.99 like when I reviewed Carter, I would still be looking to save.

See ya in the toy aisles!!
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