Thursday, April 26, 2012

Toy Topic: I hate when that new item won't scan!

Hello and welcome to another toy topic, I don't like to be negative, but as a human being we're given the gamut of emotions that we have, and I think it's for a good reason.

Just don't B-.

This post also deals with employees, and collectors. Because there are 2 sides to every coin.

Get comfy, it's gonna be a while.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Aries0083's Halo Reach Birthday Toy Haul -Part 2 From

Aries0083's Halo Reach Birthday Toy Haul! - Part 1 - From!!!

Toy Topic: How many of the same figure do you buy?

Alright it's story time!

When I lived in the Dominican Republic, I wasn't a toy collector. I was a comic book fan. I had heard some musings about Todd Mcfarlane's Spawn toys way back then. But I wasn't interested. I mean what grown up plays with toys?

When I moved back to the states I collected comic books I went to conventions and stacked up on every important issue of comics that Wizard: The Comics Magazine pointed out, and every so often I would buy some X-Men Gashapon from the nearest video game store.

The first toys I stated to collect were Toy Biz's X-Men ones, I got some from Street Fighter vs X-Men and I also got some from a Space Riders line that included Jean in her cartoon uniform.

In that time I also picked up some Playmates Star trek 12 inch figures and the Enterprise-E from Insurrection. They were cheap at Toys R Us at that time. I regret not picking up Captain Sisko from a KayBee's a long time ago.

That was the extent of my collecting.

I had a little box of toys, and I kept filling it up.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Marvel Universe Adam Warlock and Mr. Sinister Comic Packs in Target

Finally! I was looking for these like crazy at the end of last year. If i would have found them then, I wouldn't of ran off into the waiting arms of Halo Reach!

But now, I'm not that interested, I'm guessing with Vonner gone the line may go downhill.

For $21.99 this is too much, if I can find them on sale them I'll pick them up.

Avengers TRU Times Square Display

There be spoilers, if you can see them! Arghhh!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

"Tartarus" ~ a Halo Collection Series 2 McFarlane action figure review

A review from my internet buddy Likeit's1985!

"Halo Reach Carter" ~ a Halo action figure review sponsored by Aries0083

A review from my internet buddy Likeit's1985!

"Elite General" ~ a Halo Reach Series 4 McFarlane Toys action figure review

A review from my internet buddy Likeit's1985!

Halo Anniversary Series 2: Just when I thought I was Out they pull me back in!


I was on the hunt in New York City. My good internet buddy Likeit's1985 wants a blue Ghost Rider. Me, being who I am, love the thrill of the hunt. So I decided to check Midtown Comics and (wait for it!) LO AND BEHOLD! I saw some of the figures from the Anniversay series 2.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spartan JFO Walgreens Exclusive Found in the Bronx!

In the words of Darth Vader. "I have you now...WHAT!" lol

I found this and the Brute Minor from Series 6 at a Walgreens way up by the 1 train. The cost of each figure was $13.99.

I believe this will be the hardest exclusive to get. Why? Well according to McFarlane's updated Halo page, the Spartan Recon isn't exclusive to Target, the website denotes it as "mass market".

The Saprtan Hazop belongs to Toys R Us, and while TRU has their Halopalooza, the series 6 figures are 18.49....still.

So that leaves the Spartan Joint Fires Observer (JFO) at a good price and hard to find.

Take him home if you see him!

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