Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super Spoilers! Marvel's Avengers Movie Review

Finally the moment comic book fans and casual moviegoers alike were waiting for!

Since I'm so glad to see this movie I will be talking about it. My intention is not to spoil it but there may be things that I have to address that require spoiling.

You have been warned!
The Plot so that I don't have to explain it to you! Thanks Wikipedia!

Some thoughts:

First off I didn't listen to my own advice and I left after the Thanos reveal. (which I already knew about).

I was really excited to see all these characters and actors together in one movie, and they all had a chance to shine. Except Natalie Portman who has a picture cameo.

And assemble they did!

I don't know why the Hulk chased down the Black Widow, I was surprised that beauty did not calm the savage beast. But later today while listening to Now Playing podcast I was informed that Banner was being manipulated by the scepter.That's why Hulk "bad" in helicarrier but Hulk "good" in New York.

I was pissed when Loki took over those shield agents, I mean that's the idea, but I never like when another persons free will gets over ridden. be it a demon or Agent Smith. Loki was way better in this movie. And is really evil. He lives up to his name "God Of Mischief."

The death of agent Coulson was kinda sad, but I kept feeling like he would do a Duke and be OK at the end. At least he's getting work on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon.

I'd like a better explanation to Banners "I'm always angry" comment. And I'm sure there was a moment when you could see the hulks reflection in a transparent keyboard. in the shield helicarrier's control room when Stark met Banner.

I was sure Iron Man was going to bite the bullet when he was in Chitauri space. I was thinking maybe Downey's contract was up and Cheadle would be Iron Man "next time baby." I'm sorry guys but I'm not that nerdy to know there is going to be an Iron Man 3.

I'm sure the security guard that spoke to a naked Banner was supposed to be Stan Lee. Didn't realise that it's the ball cap wearing guy from Alien, so now the line "Are you an Alien?" is funnier now. But I'm glad he had a small cameo at the end.

Before this movie I thought Nick Fury was the boss of bosses only responding to the president. So just like in the comics he has a chance to go rogue in this universe.

I would have like to see a submarine version of Iron Man's armor in the scene involving Stark tower.

I saw this movie in 3D and I didn't think that it was post converted. Things that stood out to me were Iron Mans HUD and stuff that came at the scene.
There was one moment when I felt a spear black widow was holding was coming out the screen.

All in all this is a great movie, I wouldn't go back to the movies to see it. But I recommend seeing it in the theater. Although my experience was a little bad. I had to get up about 4 times to let some people go to the bathroom, someone flipped out about loosing his cell phone and my seats were all the way against the wall in the back in a full packed theater.

It's a good movie. Joss Whedon did an excellent job of bringing the cast together and having them all have screen time. Except for the Cannon Fodder aliens, I would recommend this to anyone who is a fan.

Watch it!
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