Friday, May 25, 2012

Return To Sender!

And now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Are you ready to do battle?!! Huh, Chipmunk! Because I know the fan boys will be heated and it's gonna be great to have you on my side!

The Target in question, which is actually in Gateway Drive Brooklyn

OK, So after all the trouble of getting those Target employees to give me those Halo figures I saw on sale I was good.

I caught a case!

I had won, but I had also lost!


You see the figures I really wanted (the Brute and the Zealot) were the ones I couldn't get.

In February I had purchased most of series 6 from Toys R Us, for the very expensive price of $18.79 each. 3 figures were about 60 dollars. Which is about the same amount of money I spent to get the whole case on sale at Target.

My plan was to return those figures that I bought at Target to Toys R Us. I was upset that I would not have Kat in my possession (since she's my favorite in the series), but I also knew that eventually I would find her again. (Which I have.)

I returned Jun and Kat and got my money back. Then a few days later I found the Elite Zealot on a trip to Target (at a discount) and the Brute Minor at Walgreens in the Bronx which had the Mega Bloks Shade Turret with the Air Assault Spartan and I also got the Spartan JFO. (Nice!)  Eventually I returned these figures to Toys R Us.

Halo Reach Figures $13.99
I love Walgreens!

I love the thrill of buying and the hunt ( I have to explore Staten Island next week. I'll be riding a ferry!) I have also mentioned before but I'm finally coming to terms with myself and my hobby. I'm 38 and this toy roller coaster can go on forever. I don't want it to stop. I'm working on just slowing it down.

Sometimes when I'm out there I have the mindset that if an opportunity presents itself you have to take advantage of it. The universe puts awesome deals in front of you. And a lot of the times when I'm out hunting I find stuff I might like or that are awesome deals.

Didn't see anything I liked

TRU Exclusive
My prophet of regret

So to bring this back to the topic.

I love Target, they are the only retailer that lists their product under one big SKU. So you can do like I did and return a Jorge from series 4 to Target using the receipt of the series 5 Carter you bought, just because he had a shiny commando pauldron.
What no love for Clean Jorge?!

You're not customizable! That's why!

Toys R Us, Walgreens and Rite Aid on the other hand have each specific UPC code on the receipt so you can't do any shenanigans there. (I was busted once trying to return a Marvel Universe Thor on a Thanos receipt.)

I haven't tried Kmart though.

I have no moral problems with this. The merchandise I return may be unwanted but it's still sell able, and I'm not a retailer where I can dump 20 Team X Wolverines on one Target store. Jerks.

Someone has been dumping Gladiators in my Store and they're still warm.

And seeing all that money back into your account show just how much you spend on toys.

I do have problems with jerks swapping toys.

Yesterday I saw Aquaman and Amazo in a Masters of the Universe 2 pack. The jerk even had the idea of taking the paper inside Amazo's packaging and putting it inside the masters of the universe bubble.

And last week I saw a Spartan Specter set were someone put a series 1 Jorge with a missing arm from the shoulder armor down and a UNSC Marine in the package replacing the fully solid and fully transparent figures. The half solid, half transparent figure was missing his chest armor and shoulder armor.

How in the world did they return that?!!

Just look at the back of the box, ya dummy!

I tried to buy it and they would only take 15% off. It would be about $35.00 dollars. Somebody is crazy. There is no way that they will sell that as is for full price.

So in conclusion:

Lately I've been returning Halo Reach stuff that I bought at full price to put up in my online store.

In my special case I have the crazy habit of buying the same figure multiple times, so once I realize I don't really need this figure I return it.

In truth I would have saved a lot of money if I realized that the new figure that I bought to put on eBay didn't sell, I could  just take it back. Instead of letting the receipt expire. Lesson learned.

Returns exist for a reason. As long as you don't exploit the system like those thieves that are out there it's good.

Back to the store you go! Victory is inevitable!

I did hear of an urban legend, that if you return items a lot and I mean like every day, that eventually you will get banned from shopping at that store. Because the employees will suspect that there's obviously something going on. This was told to me by a mom that I know. Not another toy collector.

My final word is that I'm glad I can return stuff, sometimes I see a new item on the shelf and I get too excited. But then I realize that I didn't want that item so much.

I tend to not return something if I know there isn't an abundance of it. That's why I keep my pulse on the toy world and try to figure out case assortments.

I really thought like everyone else that the Red recon was a Target exclusive. Until he started showing up at Rite Aid, Fred Meyer and Kmart.

So do you hate me? I know someone does. Am I wrong for returning those extra figures I have. I once believed that if you bought you you keep it. But with my current budget. Not so much.

And feel free to let me know if you use the system for your benefit. And if that urban legend about returns is true.
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