Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Rising Cost of Figures!

a.k.a "How much are you willing to spend on an action figure?"

While I was listening to an episode of Marvelicious toys, (I think it was called "collectors assemble") someone in the podcast complained about how much they HATE ankle articulation (which is kinda stupid if you think about it) and I thought about the reason that I didn't pick up any Avengers figures was because of their lack of articulation, which I already explained in a previous post.

If you have been collecting action figures for a long time, like me, you'll realize that action figure prices have started to go up just a little before Obama became president. That's when the US had that whole "it's the economy" thing. (It still has it doesn't it?)

When I started buying Marvel Legends they were about $8.99, and the G.I. Joe 25th anniversary figures were about $5.99. Which was a very good price. I remember Joes in the 80's being worth that much.

I wish that prices wouldn't go up but I have to realize that prices go up with time.It's a little thing called Inflation.  I wish I could go to Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs and buy a hot dog for 10 cents and then go to a speakeasy. LOL.

I want collectors to realize that if you really want that action figure, you will always buy that toy no matter the cost. On the Marvelicious Toys podcast one podcaster brought up that we collectors don't have "buyers remorse", we have "buyers regret"

I regret not getting that Warthog for $16.90, I regret not picking up that Mega Bloks Wraith for $10.00

That sort of thing.

In my experience I have never dropped a line because it got too expensive. I'm sure there are collectors out there that have but I'm not one of them. (I'd like to hear from anyone who has and what line it was.)

Recently Mattel (which is a company that really sucks.) announced that they would be raising the price of their subscription figures.

Most of the time when the rising costs of toys is brought up to the toy maker, they give the excuse "We don't set the pricing, the store does" and they would be semi correct.

One of the things that I love about the Halo Reach action figure line is that the price is consistent througout all its retailers.

Rite Aid


Rite Aid. See what I did there.

Way Back in the Toybiz Marvel Legends days I bought Thor from Series 3 at K-Mart for $14.99 while Target had them for $9.99. And then a few months ago I ventured into that same Kmart store looking for Halo Reach stuff and I expected to see the price tag of $19.99 on the figure, but nope it was $14.69 just like Target.

My friend the G-Man said that recently TRU bought a whole bunch of Iron Man 2 figures (the ones on the armored avenger card backs) for $1.00 each unit. So Toys R Us is basically taking all your money! Well, that's their profit margin. And I'm sure there will be a figure sale in the future. (I was right! Memorial Day! BOGO half off!)

He told me a while back when TRU got a whole bunch of Sigma 6 figures, that they had purchased them for about 2 dollars a unit.

Lately I have seen Discount toy stores stocking Iron Man 2 and Thor figures for the low low price of 5 dollars.I have also seen Tron Legacy and Generator Rex in discount stores.

It's my opinion that maybe Mr. David Vonner was let go for his decision to back the fully articulated goodness of the Thor and Captain America movie figures. But that's just a theory. I believe that when a company wants to let you go they'll find a reason.

But enough of my conspiracies

Since that didn't work out they decided to cut corners. And reduce the articulation. Instead of discarding the stupid accessories. But I realize that the accessories included are for the children. (In an office meeting someone probably yelled "Think of the children!"when coming up with these ideas for stuff)

Edit: I realize that toys are planned 1 year in advance, so I can't blame the poor performance of the thor and Captain america figures, because even the Iron man 2 figures warmed (and still warm) the pegs.

Most people don't realize that the making of action figures is a business to them. Companies don't have to cater to you. They can listen to you, but they don't have to obey your every whim. That why I get upset when toy companies get these Q and A's and all fan boys just wanna ask "Will you be making this figure?!!" And other dumb timewasting questions. But I think I covered that.

Right now I'm in the process of trying to cut my spending. There a lot of awesome figures out there I like. Some of which I wish I could buy if I had the budget....

What? I like Cat Girls.

  I will admit that I won't buy Halo figures at TRU, but that's because I know I can get them cheaper. Same goes with this Noble Team box set. McFarlane toys has this for $59.99, but in store Toys R Us has this for $92.99. I'll take a picture, it lasts longer. (Until I can afford it.)

I'll always have the memories

Anyway as long as I have the disposable income to buy what I want, I will. But that will depend on where I get it from. Because it's all about the price!

Ebay? Target? Toys R Us? Rite Aid? Walgreens? So many decisions!

Walmart Sucks! But I have a picture.:)

So in conclusion. If Halo Reach figures were 20 dollars everywhere, I would be less inclined to buy doubles. Unless there was a good value to them. (I picked up anther Noble Six and Hologram at Kmart since it was $22.99 and not $27.99 like in Target) And thinking about it, I would only get the ones that I really liked. (Noble Team)

Forget this collect them all mentality. That's why I collect one toyline at a time.

I realized that if I had all the money in the world, there is a whole slew of things that I would buy. Hot Toys, Perfect Grade Gundams, Priemium format statues, Playarts Kai stuff amd 3A stuff too!

Most of it would remain unopened (of course) but I would open and display a lot of it. I would need my own house though. :)

If I were rich I would buy Hot Toys too!

My problem with the rising cost of action figures is when companies charge more for less. That's why I'm not getting any of the Avengers movie figures. (It doesn't hurt that I'm not interested in Marvel for now)

What no stand?!! Thanks Hasblow!

So for me that justifies a Perfect grade or Hot Toys price. You pay more so you get more.
When I look back at the Thor figures you got more, but the characters were lackluster. It's a crazy combination.

What do you guys do to save money? Do you only get the figures you like or do you get them all?

Coming up next! What makes a toy desirable.
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