Sunday, June 24, 2012

Marvel Universe Wave 18!

According to Entertainment Earth these figures should be hitting in August. But with my year of Marvel Universe toy experience I say that they will come out sooner! Should take a month for the figures to arrive from China. I say mid to late July.

Looking forward to new Hulk, Beast and Beta Ray Bill.
The case pack is as follows.

  • 1x Ghost Rider
  •  2x Incredible Hulk
  •  2x Astonishing Beast
  •  2x Beta Ray Bill
  •  2x Kraven The Hunter
  •  2x Ultimate Spider-Man (wonder who will be the variant?)
  •  1x Hulk

So the figures to grab will be Hulk and the Spider-Man variant. I'm not a fan of the Miles Morales costume but I will be if I see him.

See Ya In The Toy Aisles!
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