Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Halo Reach Action Figures On Clearance!! TRU, Target and Kmart!

Ok True believers, remember a few weeks ago I told you that Kmart had put their Halo Reach 2 Packs on Clearance?

Well they upped the ante and added a 50% off sale to that. So a single 2 pack or armor pack will cost you $8.50!!!

If only I would have known ahead of time!! I hope you guys can take advantage of this too. Kmart's sale ends on the 14th of July!

Target has reduced the cost of the Halo Reach Action figure 3 packs and 2 packs also!!! I feel sorry for whoever bought these at full price. The Mongooses have been reduced also, but I think it's back to $21.99.

And finally Toys R Us, has reduced the Ghost and the Warthog Vehicle sets to $14.98!! That's the cost of a regular Target Halo Reach Figure!!!

Stick with me troops, my ability to find discounts has no rival!!

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