Sunday, July 22, 2012

The End Of Halo Reach..The Toyline

This is the end alien friend...

I'm sad. Because the Halo Reach Toy line is dwindling off. First off the good news. If you can find them Target has reduced the Series 3 packs to 10 dollars and the 2 packs to 8 dollars, in some stores. Toys R Us has reduced the Ghost and the warthog accessory packs to $15.00.

Like I mentioned before I don't expect to see any of the figures on sale since the Halo 4 figures should be released at the end of August.

Now the bad news. I'm having trouble finding any series 5 figures except for Carter. This is everywhere, Toys R Us, Target, Rite Aid, Barnes and Noble. Series 4 is available in some Toys R Us, and Series 6 is available everywhere.

Also it looks like Rite Aid is rising the price of their figures to $14.99! Walgreens still have their figures for $13.99. And I recently found the JFO in the only store in New York where I found it.

I hope these figures stick around for a while and I can get them for cheap. And I hope they show up in discount stores in the future.

I'm gonna miss you Halo Reach.

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