Friday, August 17, 2012

Banshee - Micro Ops Vehicle Review

Banshee Micro Ops Series 1
Target: $7.99, Toys R Us: $9.99, store: $9.99


The Banshee is a single passenger vehicle that belongs to the Covenant faction in the Video game series Halo. It's a pain in the butt to fight, but when you hijack one.....GOOD TIMES!

Get To The Choppa!

WHY DID I BUY THIS VEHICLE: I decided to pick this Micro Ops vehicle first because of it's dimensions and weight. I also like the smooth look of this design and the slightly sparkly green on the canopy. This vehicle was shown at New York Comic Con as a prototype for Halo Reach scale figures. Since then I've heard it's been cancelled. So at least I can enjoy it in this form.

If Mcfarlane were jerks they would have sold this for $14.99 the price of the Falcon.  But compared to the other offerings in Series 1, this one is worth every penny.

PRICE COMPARISON: (Don LaFountain voice) In a world where action figures that cost  around $7.99 are bad. (I'm looking at you Dark Knight Rises) These are a refreshing break on your wallet. Halo 4 figures are not out on full force. So if you're looking at something new to buy or review, these are not far off.

SCULPT: If you thought the Halo Reach figures were good. Just look at what a 3D printer can do with something that's not supposed to look human.

The wing to the right was warped while still in the package.

ARTICULATION: The Banshee features an opening Canopy, and 4 ball joints for the wings.

ACCESSORIES: The Banshee comes with 2 Elites. An Elite ranger with a Plasma repeater, and a Elite Spec Ops as it's Pilot.

 FINAL VERDICT: I'm happy with my purchase. I'm looking at getting the Falcon next so I can have a little Carter in my life. And just because Emile comes with the Wolf Spider Turret, I will be getting that too.

The rest of the vehicles I'm not in a hurry to get. I think the peg warmer will be the warthog since you also get one with the high ground gate. The 7.99 price looks a little bit different on the less heftier Micro Ops. especially considering you can get a Reach scale Covenant Ghost for the price of the Falcon at Toys R Us.

With Carter, which was my first review, I gave it a "not recommend." I don't want to make the same mistake this time. So I would say.

"If you have the space in your house to display these and are a big fan of Halo get this."

My Living Room....IN THE FUTURE!!

The flying vehicles are a lot better to play with than the ground vehicles. (I don't know why Hot Wheels are so popular, it must be the old men) But in terms of displaying these. Mine is among my Halo Reach figures waiting for company.

I like what Mega Bloks is doing for Halo vehicles, but as a former Gundam model builder I know that building those vehicles take time. This is a way to get cool vehicles for an affordable price, without the hassle of building them.

I'm also going to wait until there is a sale to get the High Ground Gate, Bunker and Tower. That will probably happen around Christmas time.

This Aries0083 signing off!

Good luck and Godspeed! And Enjoy the excess pictures at the end of this post!

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