Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Collection Intervention's Advice For Collecting.

If you're one of the hip crowd of YouTubers you might know who Sean Long is. Well he's going to be featured on an episode of "Collection Intervention", which I think may be a bad thing.

15 minutes of fame? Check.
Being on a show like Hoarders? Un Check. LOL

Anyway here are some tips on collecting from the Host of the show.

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Here's my 2 cents on her advice. She says..

  1. "Buy what you like. Use your heart not your wallet." 

 And I agree. It's rare when I pick up something just to put up on Ebay. I have to like it in case I can't sell it I just incorporate it into my collection. I can't review something I'm not into. It's like trying to love a girl you really don't have any interest in.

  1. "Stay focused don't stray in your collecting categories." 

 True that, girl! I've mentioned many times before in my blog that I only collect one thing at a time. It saves you money when you do that, and you can pick up more things from that line. Even buying your favorites twice! So you can sell them!

  1. "Bargain. You should always ask for the best price." 

 Now this advice is not for me. I look for the seller with the lowest price. But I don't like haggling. I don't like imposing myself on somebody else. It's annoying when it's done to me. And I'm sure it's annoying when I do it to someone else. The key in this game is patience.

On the topic of Star Wars she mentions...

"My only concern is that there were not many vintage pieces, and there are a lot of new toys out of their boxes..... She needs to spend more time looking for rare pieces not the newest Empire Strikes Back sheets from Target."

That's true. I've said time and time again that newer toys and comics are not worth a lot of money. You can sell them but don't expect any crazy amounts unless it's ultra rare of a character everybody wants. And if you take new stuff out of the package don't expect it to be worth the same price as in package. Loose means missing pieces. Most people don't want that.

On Catwoman she says...

"He chooses one character, Catwoman for instance, and really kept this collection focused. I love when collectors can do this....some of his pieces were from very big runs. They are much harder to sell."

You got that right, lady! I've seen these time of collections. I know there is a guy who only collect Wolverine memorabilia, and another guy who just collects Juggernaut stuff. There is one smart cookie who only collect female characters! Doing this will save you money. I bet if I was just a Halo Reach Carter fan I would get that 3A figure. Or not, It sold out like hotcakes!
"..You should be living and enjoying your collection."

Collections are fun, and also time consuming and wallet draining. Most of my enjoyment comes from the thrill of the hunt, and doing reviews. I play with my toys every so often. But usually after that's done. They go in storage.

It's a good feeling to know that I have them in my collection. And I know that with time they will acquire some sort of value. I don't understand like big collectors like Sean Long of Arnie from Marvelicious Toys don't invest that collection and open a toy store like I did. It seems like they can afford to buy inventory when they collect such high ticket items like Hot Toys. Or collect everything under the sun.

So I'm gonna say this as my final word.

As much as you love action figures, you should also spread the wealth. I' not saying be a scalper like people think I am. But help your fellow toy collector out with a trade or even a sale.

They will appreciate you more for it.

I'm aries0083 and I'm signing out! Ba-Doosh!
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