Friday, August 3, 2012

Halo Reach Sale At Target! Till Aug 11th!

Just 9 dollars will get you an awesome Halo Reach figure at Target. Not as good as getting an Armor Pack for that price at K-Mart. But savings are savings!

Jun's A Pegwarmer! Surprise!

If you're lucky you might find a discounted Spec Ops 2 pack or the Team Objectives 3 pack!

This sale bums me out because on my vacation I decided to get the members of Noble Team to make toyetic customs of them.

  • Artic Carter
  • Desert Jun
  • Stealth Kat
  • City Strike Jorge
If I can get enough of these guys cheap, I might switch the colors around, like an Artic Jun and Stealth Carter.

Good luck out there!
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