Thursday, August 23, 2012

Top 5 Halo Micro Ops Wish list!

OK! So series 1 is in stores which consists in:

  1. Warthog and Mongoose
  2. 2 ODST Drop Pods
  3. Ghost and Wolf Spider Turret
  4. Banshee
  5. Falcon
  6. High Ground Bunker
  7. High Ground Gate
  8. High Ground Tower
We know Series 2 which comes out next year consist of these guys:

 The Figure pack To the upper right hand corner  Includes Jorge and Jun! And the Gausshog comes with Kat!

That's most of the stuff already displayed at New York Toy Fair....

So I'm gonna go and write down  My Top 5 Halo vehicles that I wish McFarlane Toys would make!!!

Number 5: UNSC Sabre

Halo Reach was the video game that introduced the Sabre and flying missions (which I hear are a pain in the butt) into the Halo Universe. Mega Blok fans votes for this vehicle to be made in blok form. Now it's time to have it in Micro Ops form.

Chances Of This Happening: Very likely

Number 4: Covenant Spirit

Whenever you're defending Reach from the Covenant, these ships drop by to say hello....AND UNLOAD A BUNCH OF COVIE TROOPS!

I like the wishbone design, and I still can't tell what's the front and what's the back. Still this ship will be seeing itself come to life in Mega Bloks form. Let's see who can make it first!!

Chances Of This Happening: Likely

Number 3: Covenant Phantom

The Phantom is an oddly shaped ship. It looks like a big bug. It made some famous appearances as the ship that the ODST use to escape the glassing of New Mombasa, and it's the ship that attacks Emile while he's at the seat of a MAC cannon.

This ship exists as a very expensive Mega Bloks set (about $100.00 in Toys R Us) And I imagine that in Micro Ops it would be much cheaper.

Chances Of This Happening: Likely

Number 2: UNSC Pelican

The workhorse of the UNSC Marines and New Mombasa Police. This thing is capable of atmospheric re-entry. You've never been able to pilot it, in any of the games. But when McFarlane makes it you will will be.

The Mega Blok kit is right up there with the Phantom (pricey) and you can still find in in Toys R Us stores. The only thing is the Micro Ops one will allow you to hook up a warthog to it's tail. Isn't that right Todd?

Chances Of This Happening: Very Likely (What's a Warthog without a Pelican?!")

And the Number 1 vehicle on my wish list.......get ready for it.......are you ready, already?!!


For me any Frigate would do. The Savannah, The Grafton, In Amber Clad, etc. But the name would increase the chances of it being sold. Mega Bloks already has one awaiting release. And there will be a new Halo live action series with the same name.

The Mega Bloks one is very expensive and horribly disproportionate. I have seen people build this thing on Youtube with Lego blocks.

In terms of size, McFarlane can sell it in 2 pieces for a lower price. And have it scale accurate. Big play sets like the Millennium Falcon and G.I. Joe's The P.I.T. are very tough sells in the toy industry. So I won't hold my breath.

Sure it's gonna be tough to display but It will look way cooler than Hasbro's ugly SDCC Exclusive Super Helicarrier.

Chances Of This Happening: Very Unlikely

And that's it! Other vehicles that I would like to see are:
The UNSC Hornet, The UNSC Gremlin and the Spade. These are smaller vehicles that I'm sure with time we will see. Halo Micro Ops needs all the ground vehicles it can get, so the chances of these being made are not as bad as the flying vehicles mentioned above.

Any of you guys in favor of these vehicles? Am I missing something? Tell me, don't be shy, I can't bite.

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