Thursday, August 30, 2012

Toy Topic: The Old Switcheroo

Hello Gang! Yesterday I was doing my Toy Run. Right now I'm taking inventory of what Rite Aids have Halo Reach figures, which ones and how much.

So I go into Target, see the Chitauri and buy another Halo Avatar (The Elite) and I see what I've seen for a few months now, but haven't bothered to address.

On Sunday I went to Target and saw this..

The whole Marvel Legends shelf was full of new Series 2 stuff. And a few days later on Wednesday I see this...

As you can see everything has been replaced with Klaw, Drax and Bucky Cap. There was one Fantomex, and some new Marvel Universe...

Not exactly new, but it shows there was a revision case in the store
But most of what was on the shelf was MU Gladiator.

So someone has been returning massive quantities of peg warmers. And I wholeheartedly disapprove.
It makes me think of doing the same thing and beating this person at his own game.

I have returned items to the store, but not so many that it turns the shelf into a monument to one solo action figure.

I know that Arnie from Marvelicious Toys found a Toys R Us with 150 Thor's from the movie's first wave.
I can attest that wasn't the case here. I saw the switcheroo.

And this makes me mad, because the pegs are full and there is no space for any new figures.

Anyone have a solution. I'm thinking of buying them up and putting then on ebay. Selling them with a dollar extra for my troubles.

What do you guys think? Should I let bygones be bygones or should we fight back?!!
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