Sunday, September 9, 2012

Passion - Part 2 Of John's Guide To Collecting

What makes life "GO" ( Like those Star Trek aliens) is passion. You can't collect for collecting sake or for profit.

People learned a long time ago that buying up that "Death Of Superman" comic was a bad investment. That's why the comic book market imploded. Like a dwarf star.

Get the hell out the market's imploding!!

The only valuable comics are those from the 60's and before. Yes it's true! Not even random X-Men comics from the 70's are valuable. Well, except for milestone events or 1st appearances.

With the digital comics age everything has changed. It's like when a toy company re-releases/re-issues a toy. It brings down the value of the original in most cases.

So you can't be into collecting for the money.

It's for fun!

What keeps me going is a combination of underpants and profit. LOL.

Actually it's not underpants, but the desire to own a business. My Uncle instilled in me that thought when he told me and my brothers that "You have to INVEST your money."

So I've always had the idea of reselling figures or comics. And I've done so in the past.

What keeps me going can be separated into parts.

  • What new figure will I find?
  • The toy line I collect are awesomely detailed!
  • The toy line I collect looks cool in package
  • I get to go out and explore new places, while doing some exercise.

And there is one basic all encompassing motive. Which is...

I like collecting action figures to take pictures of them in various poses, share my opinion of them in reviews, and finally to brag at the cool hard to find stuff that I own.

If you don't have these inner motives, then buying something because eBay's completed listings told you that it sold for a lot of money isn't gonna cut it.

If I make a bad buying decision, like try out a junky figure or buy multiples of something I think is cool, but it doesn't sell. I can always comfort myself with the thought that.."At least I can keep it."

So buy what you like. Only you know what that is.

I would recommend turning your hobby into something that can make a profit. Either as a You tuber, Blogger or Re-seller. That way when someone says that your hobby is useless. You have a comeback!

You think she wants to date a guy who hoards toys?!

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