Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Aries0083's Spotlight On Captain Marvel

Lo! True Believers! Here I am again with another spotlight. Excelsior!

Whilst most people aren't familiar with the character, it wasn't until Marvel Legends Maestro that I really got introduced to this character. That and the Comic Geek Speak special podcast on "The Death Of Captain Marvel".

I really like this costume even though the star has been seen on the "Radioactive Man" but I'm more familiar with the exploits of his son Genis-Vell. I don't like the cosmic look on Genis with the twinkly stars and stuff.

Mar-Vell is one of those characters that has stayed dead for a long time. He could back, but for some reason Marvel Comics has no idea what to do with him.

Ms. Marvel has been called the flagship woman of the Marvel Universe, so why not resurrect or make a permanent character with the name Captain Marvel. He could be your Spider-Man!

Anyways, so he's dead but he has been showing up in alot of Marvel Animation..

So the comic that came with Marvel Legends Maestro was part of a multi-issue story about time travel. I went out and picked up the rest of the issues and when ever I went to a comic book convention I would try and complete story arcs that I liked.

The "Crazy like a Fox" story line was another good one, where Genis remakes the universe, creating a sister he never had..

Phyla is still around. The only things I know is that she's a lesbian, and she no longer holds the title of Captain Marvel, she was also Quasar for a little while.

Genis eventually joined the "Thunderbolts" and everything was going well until he had to die. It was messed up that he was killed in order to save the universe, But I'm sure if someone wanted to they could bring him back.

I'm more familiar with the exploits of Genis because most of his comics were written by Peter David, who I believe to be a good writer. Marv-vell didn't do a lot in his time in comic books, the most notable things being getting a new costume, being involved in the creation of Ms. Marvel and his big fight with Nitro (who surprisingly showed up in "Wolverine and the X-men") which eventually led to his poisoning and his death.

In the Super Hero Squad Show he's Ms. Marvels boyfriend, which makes logical sense and it seems that there is also a relationship in The Avengers show.

But Genis is different, I can relate to the son who grew up not really knowing what kind of man his dad was, and striving to make the best of his name. I believe he learns about humanity through his relationship with Rick Jones. And eventually develops an interest in Songbird, before his untimely death.

We got several other Captain Marvels. One that sticks out to me is Monica Rambeau, her exploits as Captain Marvel were also short lived and there is not much to say. I know she was the leader of Next Wave, but I never read the comic. And at one time she lead The Avengers. Also she can rock an Afro like only Misty Knight can.

 But in my humble opinion Mar-Vell and Genis-Vell were the best.

We have gotten several figures and busts of these 2 captains, and the recently released Marvel Universe Captain Marvel is one of the best I've seen. Even with his shelf arse.

This is a companion piece to my Marvel Universe review of the figure. There was a time where I wanted to have a job at Marvel Comics and I studied the history of a lot of the characters. Today we have sites like wikipedia, but most of these characters have a personal history with me.

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