Sunday, October 14, 2012

Covenant Shade Turret and UNSC Spade Review

A.K.A Baby's First Halo Mega Bloks. I changed the title because it's not SEO friendly. LOL

Awww, and by baby I mean me. I'm a big baby, and this is my first time building some complex Halo Mega Bloks sets.
I had purchased the ODST and Covenant Drop pods for $6.00 at Walgreens, and that was a very simple build.

 But a few month ago I purchased the Covenant Shade Turret because it was a cheap way to get a Halo Reach style Air Assault Spartan. And later that same day I picked up the UNSC Spade truck with Jorge, a Skirmisher and a Halo Reach style Marine.
This was back in July.

I opened both sets to take a look at my little Kat and Jorge a few months ago, but I didn't build them until yesterday.

I have to say it felt good to build again, since my long ongoing hiatus with Gundam model kits.


Leftover pieces From the Turret. Added with the weapons case

The Shade Turret was relatively simple. I calculated that it took me about 1 hour to complete. And I'm impressed with how easily the turret rotates on it's base. I was expecting the whole chair to pivot up and down. But it's just the guns that can move up and down.

A Happy Grunt is a Grunt that kills!

You'll believe a Grunt can fly

The UNSC Spade on the other had took a lot more time to build. I calculated 2 hours and 20 minutes. I think it would have taken less if I didn't mess up while building it.

If you have built gundams in the past, like me you know what a pain in the thrusters it is when you leave out a part or have to disassemble something, to fix it.


So the spade had 2 big grey pieces, one is for the flatbed, and the other is for the under carriage. They are both the same size but different on the bottom.


The manual clearly showed that I had to use a specific piece for the undercarriage. But I thought they were the same. (The one for the bottom was in a plastic bag, I should have checked better.)

Imagine my frustration when I realize I messed up.

Luckily the piece went all the way on the bottom. So using my tweezers I took some bricks apart and was able to swap the piece.

One thing I have to complain about is that the colors of the bricks in the instructions weren't so easy to distinguish. Orange and Light Blue stood out like a sore thumb. But brown and grey not so much.

I was surprised by the amount of pieces left over from the UNSC Spade set! I could build something with that.

One thing that I found useful to do was to line up the pieces you were going to build. The manual tells you that for each step you will need a certain amount of specific pieces. It's been so long since I've built a gundam I forgot about doing this, until I was building the Spade.

The Spades mini Figures, including (not) Jorge.

I have to say I was impressed with the finished project. And when I do stop collecting the Halo Reach Mcfarlane action figures, I just might collect Halo Mega Bloks...If I have the time. And the money.

That undercarriage I was talking about!

The Shade Turret was $11.49 at Walgreens
The Spade was $24.99 at Rite Aid. Although it's $22.99 at Target

Micro Ops is doing a cool thing by releasing vehicles that are accurate to the 3D models of the game. The only down side is the size. I like that this vehicles are big enough so you can put mini figures in them. And that is something I can be a fan of.

Future projects my include the UNSC Gremlin. Which I have seen at some Toys R Us's. The new Brute Chopper with Chieftain  from Rite Aid, and the Brute Prowler, if I see it again at Target for $12.99.

If I can find any other cool vehicles cheap, like the Falcon I saw on clearance for $30.00 at Target.  I'll be tempted to pick it up.

This is Aries0083 saying, keep on building!

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