Saturday, October 6, 2012

Emile - Halo Reach Figure Review

Series 1
Cost $14.99 at Adventures Underground

Emile is the cool anti hero spartan. Just like the Punisher and Venom he loves skulls, and he doesn't play well with others. he's just like Wolverine, but without the insubordination.

I Cut U Meng!

Accessories: Emile gets a shotgun since he's the team's close combat expert. he also gets a  kukri knife and a grenade. He also gets 2 shells that complete his look, but aren't used since it's ammunition. (It's not like you can throw shotgun shells at somebody and do any damage.)


Kukri Knife

Articulation: Emile has the standard spartan articulation just like I explained in my articulation video.


The Good stuff is that Emile looks awesome. With his black spartan armor. And unlike the playarts Kai figure, the skull on his helmet is well painted, as it should be. I wonder if it affects his vision?

McFarlane's Version

Playarts Kai Version

The Bad Stuff is that the shotgun is useless if you decide to not modify it, or the figure. The shotgun is accurate to it's 3d model. But you can't use it. It's like the world's most beautiful toilet!

Emile is the warrant officer that is cooler than Flint or Ripley, and he warrants your attention. No Noble Team collection is complete without him.

On a final note Emile's feet are not level. So he has trouble standing up. I only have one other figure that has this problem. I'm thinking in the future I can swap the foot with one of my extra figures.

So that's it. Emile is very popular and difficult to find I highly recommend him. Like Maybeline, he's worth it!
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