Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Updated! New York Comic Con 2012! Expectations!

I'm so excited and I just can't hide it.!

Well not that excited.. :(

Tomorrow is the pre-show day, which is open only to the press, I believe. So some cool action figure news will be showing up.
Since I"m in a Halo state of mind, there's nothing that I'm looking forward to this year. My goal is to go see stuff and buy a few hard to find items amongst the dealers that are in attendance.

Might buy this if I see it!

The New York Comic Con website has a to do list for all your convention needs. But since I live here, most of that is null and void.

My only Con tip for you is that you shop around before you spend any hard earned cash. Take in the sights, if you see something you like, make a mental note and then come back later. If you think it might not be there when you come back, and you really want it, then get it.

Also all the new stuff that will be shown in the convention will start showing up in stores about 2 weeks later. Trust me on that! I remember seeing Spider-Woman on display, and then Ka-Pow! She was in stores.

The Marvel Universe Exclusive Old Man Logan is a joke. Thank the maker, I'm not buying that. And I'm gonna use my Universe Ju-Ju and make it a Digital Comics subscription exclusive. So There! (Done!)

I'm curious to see if there will be any new stuff on display, since basically everything we saw in Toy Fair has already been released. There are some new comic packs coming out. One is the Silver Surfer with Doctor Strange, so I hope I will be pleasantly surprised.

Update!: Looks like Hasbro has no plans to show anything off this year. I miss you already Dave Vonner. :(
In terms of Halo stuff, I'm not to crazy about Halo 4 figures, I would love to see Series 2 of Micro Ops, but since we all know Halo Universe is cancelled, there's nothing I can look forward to in that department.

It was another joke that the McFarlane Toys SDCC 2012 Exclusive was just a sticker. There is no difference between the Master Chief from SDCC 2012 and the ones from the regular line.

Gundam Age sounds like a disaster form what I've heard at the Gundamn! podcast. I don't like the designs of Age or Unicorn, so I've been in the dark.

But if you are a Gundam Fan check out the Blue Fin Booth! They sell gundam kits for the manufacture retail price and it's where I got some gundam goodies a few years ago. Don't shop anywhere else!
As far as other exclusives to the show I have no idea what they are. And Google isn't helping. But I do expect to see repeat offenders like The X-Force Boxset and the Marvel Universe Masters Of Evil.

But if you see me there, don't be afraid to ask. "Hey aren't you aries0083?"

Because if you go about it the other way and say.."Hey don't I know you from somewhere?" I'm gonna have to list my resume. LOL and that won't be fun.

Keep your eyes glued, I'm gonna make sure my camera doesn't die like last time. And since I have an android phone there will be video too.

Excelsior! (That's NYC's motto. Yes it's true!)
I'm out.
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