Saturday, October 27, 2012

Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning and Tiny Farm - Reviews

Walking Dead: Dead Reckoning gets 3 Stars!

Good Story...But this is more like a "Choose your own adventure" book, than it is a game.
The music and sound effects are decent, althought they sound like I'm listening to am AM radio, than an mp3 file. I had the same isssue with Agent Dash. Like the treble's too high.

The artwork is acceptable, but that happens alot when you have a comic based on something with real people in it.

The story is good, but short. It takes place just before Shane heads off to save Rick at the hospital.
One downside was that I had to download Adobe Air, so I could play the game. The advantage was, that I could play the game underground.


Tiny Farm gets 3 Stars!

Cute game but good luck..getting any progress done.

The visual style and the little sounds the animals are extremely cute. So cute you would explode!
But unlike a game like Epic Raiders or Hello Kitty Cafe, you don't get daily rewards, so if you don't buy any bells of coins. It's gonna take a while to get anything done.

Here's how the game goes. First you have to buy an animal. You need 2. Then you have to give them food. When you run out, eventually the system feeds them. After a day.
They have to grow. (you can use bells for this) Or wait some time. Then you have to give them love. (If you run out you can buy love)

When they have enough love and are adult, you can breed them. But you need money to breed them.
You can sell them and get some money and love points. But you can only have 7 animals on your farm. You can buy a certificate to get more animals, but whatever you freely earned when into the animals food and love.

At this rate I'll never be done.

Another downside is that unless your connected to the internet, the game won't run. That's because like Farmville or Cityville you can visit friends and get points that way.
The big benefit is that even if you uninstall the game. You can re-install it and all your stuff will still be there. WOWZA!

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