Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kat - Playarts Kai Halo Reach Figure Review

She ain't no Pussykat!

The Story Behind The Figure:
As a Christmas present to myself I decided to head down to Forbidden Planet in NYC, and see if I picked up Carter. But while there I had a change of heart, his colors were off, his head sculpt is kinda stylized and looked off. And then there was the 50 dollar price tag.

So I decided not to get it, or at least in my mind I was gonna wait till pay day.

When I went back a week later, Carter had left!! I got a bad case of "Buyers Regret" as in I immediately regretted not buying him when I had the chance. :(

They still had Kat though and 2 Noble Six's.

So yesterday the 26th I decided to go get Kat for my Christmas present. There were a lot of things that I could buy for 50 dollars, but I just had to have her. (I thought of Micro ops for 2 seconds, but nah.)

Guess what.

She was gone also!!

So I did the next best thing and went to St. Mark's Comics a few blocks down. Where I had bought a Spec Ops from Series 3 about a week ago. And I got the Kat figure that they had there.

It was $54.00 and with tax about $59.75. I noticed the robot arm shoulder joint had a big gap. And the left shoulder was in a "Charge" position in the box. Also the little cable attached to the arm looked flimsy. But still, it was Kat, and I don't think any online retailers would have her at $60 including the shipping.

When I took her out of the box her human arm's shoulder joint was stuck. Since I know that Noble Six is notorious for having his hand pegs break, I used the blow dryer to heat up the plastic. And it worked.

Out of the box this figure is very nice. Her colors make her look way better than Emile and Six.. The details like the UNSC insignia and her Spartan designation number stand out very well.

Kat also has the added bonus of having 2 firearms. I guess since she doesn't have a battle knife, Square Enix decided to go all out and make the figure her signature Magnum.

I haven't tried removing the peg in the gun, but I"m OK with it staying there. The firearms can be used by all the Spartans in the line. So I let Noble Six hold her rifle for a while. I had to heat up her hand up so that I wouldn't break it by mistake when I put the gun in her hand.

Another thing that's an improvement is her butt. In my video review of Noble Six, I complained about the crotch piece being soft and loose.

But it looks like it's been corrected with the second batch of Spartans. Noble Six was part of the first Batch and was Number 1, so he has all kinds of flaws. Kat is perfect. Well except that her butt hangs above her armor.

Comparing this figure to McFarlane's figure I think she's too tall, or lean. It's OK, and I don't mind. But I pointed out in my Kat review that Rose the air assault spartan was taller than Kat.

So this figure looks good compared to Rose, but it's too tall compared to Kat.

Also the color of her Spartan armor is different. I mentioned Carter's color and head sculpt being off, so I don't know if this here correct color or not.

Well it looks like The Playarts guys got it right. The Mcfarlane guys went too dark when they did the legendary edition statue. And it probably bummed them out. So I guess someone told then to lighten up! :)

There is some slop on my figures visor, they used silver paint, and I love how it shines up in some of the pics and looks reflective.

Do I recommend getting Kat? Yes! And I believe she is worth  the 60dollars I paid for her. I don't know how Jun measures up against theses guys. But I am totally on board with getting Carter and Jorge, if they are as good as Kat. Kat's crotch piece can come off the peg its on, but it goes back and fits snugly without any looseness.

ToyWiz has her for $44.00. And I'm sure you can find her on Ebay. I recommend you get Kat as your first figure. Unless you can get Jorge cheap. Leave Emile and Six for last.

This is Aries0083 signing off! Saying "See ya in the toy aisles!"
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