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Top 10 Halo Reach Figures!!!

To end the year of doom 2012, I'm making this list and checking it twice.

Sadly the most you will find in stores is series 6. All these figures are awesome. EVEN THE SABRE PILOT!!! (with his obnoxious eyebrows).

So here you go, from 10 to 1...


 10. Carter:

The leader of Noble Team and one of the coolest armor designs comes in at number 10. Not because he's the worst, but because it might be too obvious if he's number 1. I love the Commando armor, the blue color and the distinctive markings.

There is a Commando in the armor packs, both in red and Steel. As well as an EOD with a commando chest (This figure comes with a blue Mongoose) and a JFO with commando pauldrons (This figure comes with the Warthog rocket launcher accesory)

But nothing matches the cool silver and blue asymmetrical design of Carters armor. And although the unhelmeted head doesn't look like the Halo Reach 3D render. It's still decent enough. And I've never seen any problems like a figure having droopy eyes. Although some figures have a darker 5 o clock shadow than others.

9. White Spartan JFO (Walgreens Exclusive):

I've always loved the JFO, but when it was pointed out to me that the visor looked like Iron Man. I loved it a little less. The white armor has been difficult to find in the line so I welcomed a new one. Plus the figure comes with the Target locator, a new weapon never before seen in action figure form.

At first this figure was very hard to find and my heart skipped a beat when I would find one. But in the last few months because of the holidays Walgreens has been carrying more of these figures.

I've sold some of these for about 25 dollars on Ebay. Nowadays they won't even sell.

The white and black contrast is very cool (just like bow ties) but the wash was kinda annoying to me. So I customized one with the use of smome nail polish remover and a white gundam marker.

8. Blue Spartan Security (Toys R Us Exclusive):

Like Carter, the blue on this figure makes it stand out to me. Combined with the white on some parts of it's armor, the yellow from the visor and the addition of the grenade launcher. makes it a welcome addition to my collection. The was a cool figure that I avoided because of the Toys R Us inflated price.

When Toys R Us reduced this figure to $12.98, I was all over this figure like a Hobo going nuts on the E train (true story). This is a very nice looking figure.

7. White Spartan Mark V [B]:

From McFarlane's website

I wanted to campaign hard on Facebook for the release of Noble 6 aka Thom, from the Deliver Hope trailer. But when I realized that the figure already existed. I had to get my hands on it.

The armor is distinct from the default Noble 6 from the Halo Reach game, so you can count it as a different character. I already mentioned how I like the black and white color contrast. And the head has an additional attachment on it.

The only downside is that since he was released in Series 1 the only place to find him is Ebay.

6. Yellow Spartan Hazop (Toys R Us exclusive):

From McFarlane's website

I love the color yellow, but I can't stand to wear it. The Spartan hazop has a cool head design that makes it look like a skeleton sucking on a pacifier. The armor combination of the CQC shoulder with a big white arrow on it and a JFO shoulder, that just begs for someone to be impaled on it, is awesome.

I was able to pick this figure up on Ebay along with some other figures in one fell swoop. This figure makes me wish I would have gotten into the line from the start.

5. Elite Minor:

Wort, wort and all that jazz! The standard elite footsoldier, I've yet to get my figure out of the package. But as a big fan of the color blue, I really love this army builder. The helmet design is also a plus. POINTY!

I was fortunate to get this figure because of my Internet buddy Likeit's1985. He lives in Seattle and just happened to know of a store (Adventures Underground) that had some old Halo stuff for the manufacture suggested retail price.

4. Kat

I like both versions of Kat, although I had an incident with her figure the first time I found her ( I didn't pick her up because I wanted to get the box set, and when I went back to store she was gone) I have been able to pick her up from different Rite-Aids in the past.

I wished Kat would have came with an assault rifle, but for budget cost I'm sure it was left out. Being a female she was doomed to warm the pegs, and her unhelmeted version does the same today.

Kat's robot arm is thin enough to allow her to hold her weapons way better than regular Spartans, and her female curves really stand out in her spartan armor. The unhelmeted head looks really good, and she was the non exclusive from series 6 that I really wanted to get my hands on.

3. Spartan Gungnir:

Old robot head as I'd like to think of him. He was one of the first Spartans that stood out to me visually in Toys R Us last Christmas, because of his helmet. I thought the armor configuration was really cool. But I didn't like the Robot arm.

I've grown to love the arm, and the sage/brown combo of color this spartan has. And I love the head attachments, that look like robot cheeks He was one of the first Spartans that didn't belong to Noble Team that I decided to color custom. I colored him yellow and called him Dallas (Alien) since Dutch (Predator) was taken.

The fact that McFarlane Toys made this figure out of all the most expensive in game armor pieces in Halo Reach, it means that you'll have to work hard at having this armor permutation in the game.

2. Elite Ranger:

This was the first Covenant figure I purchased. I don't like the 4 mandibles the elites have, this figure fixes that by enclosing the head in a helmet. Giving it almost a Xenomorph/Alien look.

The white of the armor isn't hindered by any paint wash. And the figure has a removable backpack. The only downside is the gun, which is made out of soft plastic.

It's weird. For the Spartan Laser, they go with hard plastic. And with this rifle they go with soft plastic. There must be a reason why. But mine is to do or die.

And here it is the big one, NUMBER 1

1. Brute Chieftain:

You'd think that a Spartan would come in at number one. But all of the Spartans in this toy lineSare cool and customizable. The covenant warriors aren't. So in a line where you can create the ultimate spartan, you have to give Mcfarlane credit for making the ultimate non customizable figure.

For one, this figure is the biggest figure in the line. Bigger than all the brutes. He comes with the gravity hammer which is all sorts of awesome. In design, and in the game.

The helmet he comes with says "I"m from a tribe!" And his availability was scarce. So good luck getting him.

I saw him once at a local Target, and then after seeing a review of this figure from Youtuber toys210, and seeing his size. I decided to get him.

After much toy hunting at various Target I found him on a snowy day in Brooklyn. I had to ask for the figure out of the back room.

I don't know why I decided to customize the eyes. But after messing up that figure I had to get another.
I got 2 from Toys R Us when they reduced the price to $12.98, but financial difficulties made me have to return them.

I finally got another figure from New York Comic Con 2012. The package was a bit open because of weak glue and  the price was retail.

You don't need to army build this guy but you definitely need him in your collection!

Honorable Mentions:

Favorite Series: Series 5

Every figure in this series is awesome. Even the weapon pack which isn't a figure. It means more weapons for the armor pack figures, and any others that don't have them.

Best Armor Pack: Grenadier Pack aka Noble Team

 It's the only place to get the full grenadier armor with combat knife!

Worst Concept: Clear Plastic Figures
The Grunt screams "WHY?!!"

Favorite single figure from each series:

Series 1: Emile

Series 2: Carter

Series 3: ODST Jetpack Trooper

Series 4: Elite General

Series 5: Brute Chieftain

Series 6: Unhelmeted Kat

My Favorite Peg Warmers:

Kat - Series 6

Carter - Series 5

Jorge - Series 4

Series 3 - Female Air Assault Spartan

Kat - Series 2

Noble Six - Series 1

Worse Figure: The Skirmisher

The figures legs are designed so that they can't stand. And this figure still peg warms some Toys R Us's here in NYC.

Rarest item in my collection: Spartan Operator Series 5

Only saw this guy once in Target. Never seen him again. Thank goodness I decided to buy him when I did.

And finally...

Best Concept: Steel Armor Packs!

If you get all the steel armor pack from the Halo Reach figure line you could build the ultimate customizable Spartan!!

This is Carter saying: "See you planet side!"

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