Sunday, February 10, 2013

Here Comes Toy Fair 2013!

Editor's Note: When I wrote this post I thought NY Toy Fair was going to start On Sunday. But Hasbro had a preview night and unleashed lots of stuff upon us. The interwebs are ablaze with news from the UK Toy Fair (That's where the Star Wars Black news came from) but at NY, the companies pull out all the cool stuff!

Because I'm a dummy I didn't apply to get a press pass. So I'm gonna sit in my armchair and talk about it as news develops.

In the meanwhile I will give my....GREAT EXPECTATIONS!!!

Halo 4:
As you might have learned reading Halo Toy News, The next wave of figures have been pushed back. So Halo isn't looking real good. The Micro Ops wave 2 may be the last in the line. And the Halo Universe has been cancelled.

If Mcfarlane shows any new stuff at Toy Fair it will be a godsend. Mind you, I'm not talking about new product we know is coming, that's a given. I'm talking about never before seen stuff.

G.I. Joe:
It will all be Retaliation stuff, you'll see.

I've seen the new Beast Hunters Optimus Prime and all I can say is that I like it. It reminds me of the Prime from Transformers Cybertron. It's already been revealed that we will get some repaints in the Fall of Cybertron line. But I'd like to see something new. Simple, boxy, easy to transform figures that are well detailed.

My eyes will be glued on Hasbro's Marvel lines. Looking for something great in the Marvel Universe and Legends line. New Characters that look cool.

So far Legends hasn't impressed me. I do like figures like Captain America and Thor. But the BAF concept keeps me away. I don't want to buy a figure just so I have a loose extra piece. Crazy how the very concept that's supposed to driver buyers in keeps me out.

Marvel Universe Waves and Boxsets
Marvel Legends 2013

Iron Man 3
These toys will suck as much as the Avengers did last year. It's amazing how I was drawn back into Marvel because of the coolness of the Iron Man 2 figures. While the Iron Man 3 figures suck and the Iron Man Legends are up scaled versions of 3 3/4 inch figures. SMH

Iron Man Legends

Thor The Dark World
I would like to think that these toys if they are made would have a comic series sub line attached to it. Seeing how terrible the sales for the first movie's toys were, I don't expect to see any figures made.

And finally..

X-Men: First Class didn't have any toys made because the movie was made so quick. As an X-Men fan I look forward to seeing if there will be a toy line dedicated to this movie. I'm a big wolverine fan and I would love to see some cool toys made.

I wish they would be in the style of Marvel Universe with great sculpt and articulation. I'm very afraid that we would just get something like the Iron Man 3 line.

The Wolverine 3 3/4 Figures
Wolverine Legends

Here is are some products you can expect to see thanks to Idle Hands!

- Doctor Who 3 3/4 Figures (Best News Ever!)
-Star Wars Black (duh!)
-More Walking Dead Toys from McFarlane
-Man Of Steel Toys
-More Prometheus! :(
-Iron Man 3 Mini Muggs
-Ultimate Spider-Man Toys

You can catch on going reports from Toy Fair at
And remember kids Movie Figures always end up in discount stores!
Stay Snowy!!

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