Monday, November 28, 2016

Skullsmasher - Titans Return Figure Review

A few months ago we got word that Titan Wars ( Now Titan Masters to avoid brand confusion) was coming out.

I got jokes! Wanna here one?.. Ok that one is not a joke.

 One of the figures from the first wave that I was looking Forward to was Skullcruncher 
( Now Skullsmasher because of licensing issues)

In the IDW comics he's a space stand up comedian, and I wanted to add him to the crew of my Lost Light because of that.

Thanks to Facebook I was informed they were appearing at Toys "R" Us first. So one day after work I went toy hunting. And found him warming the peg at the first store I went to for $16.99. It would be an omen of things to come.

According to TF Wiki he is a crocodile, but alligatorcon sounds better.
His Beast mode is decent, I'm not a fan of Beast Wars but I do like robotic animals like Zoids so he's OK in my book.

Feed Me Seymour!

The Inside of his mouth has a rubber tongue and rubber teeth, I was very impressed by this feature, I'm sure it's for child safety and not some grown adult's entertainment.

You want me to ride in his mouth?! Truck you!

Grax the Titan master is one of the few who has some face paint apps. and he looks upset. But as you can see, a lot of detail went into the sculpting of this figure.

Unlike the rest of the Titans Return figures Skullsmasher's cockpit door is made out of soft rubber and can be a pain in the truck to get open. Getting it closed is no problem and it remains flush with the figure.

I squish your head!
Contrary to the instructions, the easy way to get Grax connected to Skullsmasher is by having both faces face forward. Once connected you won't have any problems with articulation. Or getting him back out.

Leg me go! get it? Leg..leg me go? (sigh)

This version of Grax had some extra flash coming off his waits it didn't hinder the simple transformation. But it did push on the leg though. In the future it might cause the keg to pop off.

Have gun will travel...TO SWAMP!!

Skullsmasher's gun is OK, it's hollowed out to save on plastic. and it stores in his tail in Crocodile mode.

What's this supposed to be?!!

In robot mode he can hold his tail 2 ways, but thanks to TFwiki, his tail somewhat loosely clips onto his forearm using the alt modes feet.

Look at me! I'm JCVD!
The worst flaw this figure has is his loose hips. Not only are his hip joints loose but so ate the thigh swivels. It's nothing a little pledge future finish won't fix. But the point is it shouldn't need fixing.

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